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Happy Children was founded in 2021 with a single purpose, to find a way to take care of our Happy Children family every day.
We have an exclusive department of negotiators who fight every day with our distributors to get the best prices and thus transmit those savings to the products you are purchasing.
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The history of this company is not very long, since we are a new company in the market, being born in the year 2021, but although we know that history is important, our goal is rather to create the future, and we all know that when we talk about the future, we talk about our little ones. That is why at HAPPY CHILDRENS we say “The happier our children’s are today, the happier their lives will be in the future”, and at HAPPY CHILDRENS we know that a toy, no matter how simple it is, will always make a child happy. At HAPPY CHILDRENS we not only believe that toys are for fun, many of our toys are also key to the physical and emotional development of our children. The use of toys is essential for the development of our little ones, since they allow them to venture into new paths, helping them to perfect coordination, balance, develop their imagination by exploring and testing strategies, learning to make mistakes and trying again. Until recently, play was considered simply as leisure or a waste of time; however, it is now seen as a teaching methodology to help children begin to understand the world, solve their problems and ask their own questions. Likewise, to participate in the games, children will have to socialize and it will be precisely thanks to the toys that they will begin to make their first interactions with other children, and also with adults.

Our Vision

Our most important vision is to be a company committed to our community, to seek, as from HAPPY CHILDRENS and together with our community, to help those who need more of our help in difficult times. Our second and no less important vision is that, at HAPPY CHILDRENS we are thinking every day, how from our small company, we can collaborate with the care of the world, since this planet will be the future home of our little ones.

Our Mission

Large companies only want to sell, but here we want more, that is why our main mission, which we set out to fulfill, is to provide special and personalized attention to each of our clients, because from the moment they become Being part of the HAPPY CHILDRENS community, they become part of our family, and for us, family is everything.

Our Values

We believe that to be successful, you need to forge values, which are the basis of any company, that is why at HAPPY CHILDRENS online store, we believe in honesty, hard work, mutual support, commitment to our community, but above all, the commitment to our children.


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